Ciao This: What is a balsamic Jam?

Published April 13th, 2018 by Test

Wow Friends, this is so simple for us, but you probably think we are crazy! We are a bunch of crazy Sicilians and balsamic (and Olive Oil) is present at every meal. So we wanted to come up with a way to introduce you to some of our family customs and traditions -Butcher Bunch Style.

This jam is best when eaten with just about anything-in our minds. Try dipping a fresh ripe strawberry into it. WOW. It is wonderful. Like many of our other jams, use it to glaze meats (beef, pork, poultry, fish) It makes a rich and delicious glaze that is sweet and tangy; but most of all, HEALTHY. It is not full of added sugars and sweeteners-what is in it is all natural from the figs, dates and other wonderful fruits.

Use this jam when assembling a cheese platter: A wonderful hunk of sharp cheddar, some parmesan, a buttery brie, some salumi, and grapes & strawberries… Add your favorite crusty bread and you basically have a meal (and people will be amazed at your talent.) put the bottle of Ciao in the center with a cute spoon and your table is set. It is perfectly appetizer-ing!

Our jams are always sold on the cheese Island because they pair with cheese. Eat this jam with cheese. Any cheese. You will think you are living life elevated-like we do in Utah. (at least that’s what it says on our license plates!)


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