Recipe For Greatness

We speak often of Kenneth, our youngest son.  He is twenty-three years old and has had many special needs since birth (before really.)

Last week he and I were driving around in our truck and Kenneth begged me to play with my phone.  It's usually off limits-he loves to explore my social media, text my friends that he loves them, and all sorts of things-Kenneth telling the VP of a major grocery chain "I Love You" from my cell phone.  In today's world?  Does not always come across the "correct" way.  LOL

It seemed really pressing so I let him and he got the phone and busied himself, pulling up iMusic and digging around.  He sync'd the phone to the stereo (no idea how-I have never done it before!) and I soon heard this song playing:

Kenneth's Favorite Song (listen to the words)

In the past Kenneth has liked every kind of music from (c)RAP to AC/DC to the Mama's and the Papa's to Britney Spears.  His love of music is never ending.  When that song played I was in awe, however (b)awe(ling).  It described my little boy-it is his song, and he knows every word.  I know he is 23, so he is not so little....  He is different, but he is Ken.  He loves everyone and he wants EVERYONE to know that he loves them and wants them to have a great day - every day.  What a great way to see the world.

He doesn't see the ignorant looks that people give him, he doesn't feel the rude stares from men when he tries to shake their girlfriends hand to say hello, then see the "I'm Stupid" look in their eyes when he turns to shake their hand too.  When he runs up to a staff member in a restaurant that he has not seen for months and tries to hug them and they shove him away-he tells me when I cry, "mom they are so nice."   He has a heart the size of Africa and lives in a world where hearts are often closed to the public.  I am so proud of the young, loving man he is and the adult he is becoming-I just had to share it.

Kenneth, you are you.  WE are all different and different is AWESOME.  You are LOVED.  


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