PigJam! Gift Pack (Three Jars)

It is here!  The fabulous jam's that we make for Pig & A Jelly Jar, a fab & fun, cool and comfortable, hip spot to hit in Utah that turns out the best modern Southern Comfort food this side of the Mississippi... (not that we have travelled there-but I have always wanted to use the issippi word!!)  But seriously, the "Pig" is one of the best restaurants in the state and has won many awards and we are proud to make their jams.

This set is jam packed with their top selling jams, Blueberry Lavender, Strawberry Coconut and Lemon Pineapple Rosemary.

Blueberry Lavender is made with fresh in house lavender tea, swirled together with delicious pop-able blueberries and set so it is just perfect to dollop on some beignets, a wedge of cheesecake, a sccop of ice cream, or top off a crispy English Muffin.

Strawberry Coconut is just as fabulous with chunky strawberries, fresh squeezed orange juice and flakey coconut.  We do add a little bit of all natural Beet dye to keep the coloring on this jam, because Pig maintains the same standards as Butcher's Bunches does about fake additives and overloading the sugar.  Strawberries are not naturally red, so their color can change without a bit of help - that is why our jam is different than other large companies...It is NOT brilliant red.  It is a natural red and tastes naturally wonderful on a fresh cheesecake with tons of fresh whipped cream, or in some greek yogurt (the flavor is intense!)  And of course, there is no better toast topping!

Lemon Pineapple Rosemary is another winner.  Let's talk about a cheese pairing- E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T.  It's also wonderful atop a burger, or spread over waffles, pancakes, crepes or to create the perfect spritzer for brunch (alcoholic or non)...

How you eat these is up to you; we even suggest simply off the spoon, but we warn you-they are addictive!

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