• Last night at the Downtown Farmers Market event at Squatters in Salt Lake City, my son tasted your jam and declared "that it tastes like the cherry preserve grandma makes on the fruit farm in Michigan!" The place where I was born and raised.....the fact that you use fresh fruit with very little sugar is so refreshing whenso many jam producers are overpowering the flavors of the fruit with too-sweet sugar. All of the complex flavors are lost in the overpowering sweet!

  • Liz's Jams are some of the best in the industry. Her dedication to local and sustainable ingredients are second to none. In an industry where local/sustainable claims are too often wildly exaggerated, Liz insists on the best quality choice, even when it may make for marketing sense to use something cheaper. It is TRUE artisans like Liz that will preserve humankind's most precious culinary traditions in the face of an industrial food system that stacks the odds against uncompromising quality.

  • I just bought two bottles from the downtown SLC farmers market, and I have to tell you... I'm in love! I've been searching for a good quality no sugar added jam and finally found you. You are amazing!! Thank you!! I can't wait to try every flavor now!

  • Logan Foodies, for breakfast: whole grain zucchini pancakes topped with agave syrup and Back in Black. Completely amazing.

  • It’s a jam with a rockin’ badass-itude, sharing its namesake with a legendary AC/DC tune. Logan-based Butcher’s Bunches “Back in Black” jam is a delicious confection made from raspberries and blackberries grown in Brigham City, then soaked in Amaretto and mixed with a seductively rich and dark chocolate from Utah’s Amano Artisan Chocolate. Jam guru Liz-Kennard Butcher initially crafted the treat for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, but it’s now on her regular roster of products.

  • Whether you have heard feedback from our 1,300 riders this year (or our nearly 200 volunteers) or not. Allow me to express our thanks, and to pass along a couple of the positive comments that have been said to me. “I was impressed with all of the food options, but specifically that all natural jam was tasty!” and “Thanks to you, your sponsors, and your volunteers for catering to our family and our son’s dietary needs. I was surprised to see Butcher’s Bunches and Dave’s Killer Bread out at the rest stops…[skipping paragraph about non-food sponsors] It speaks highly of the ADA they are able to attract such quality brands, and highly of those brands that they support such a great cause!”

    Quoting emails aside, my committee and my family (the reason I got involved with the American Diabetes Association) thank you for your amazingly donation! I agree that your quality of product is bar none, but any corporation can make a good product, it’s the heart and soul behind the label that makes the real difference. And, I for one am now a lifelong Butcher’s Bunches fan!