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My Name Is Liz Butcher, Chief Executive Jammer and Founder of

Butcher’s Bunches Handcrafted Preserves. I am first and foremost a Mother, a Wife, and a proud Sicilian Grannie. My grandparents immigrated to the United States, bringing with them family recipes and other traditions that they passed down to me. This heritage has always been a big influence in my life and helps define my every move.

Butcher’s Bunches was founded in 2009 at the end of an

economically stressful period. It was a period that was especially hard in rural farming communities. Independent family farms were  being shut down and ours was one. I decided to take what we grew and turn it into a marketable product that I couldn’t find on store shelves—hand-crafted, no-sugar-added jams that hearken back to home sweet home cooking. While the recession influenced my decision to go into business, my main reason to make products was for my son Kenneth, who requires a special diet.

Co-owner of Butcher’s Bunches, Kenneth was born with many

abilities that are different than most people. Kenneth shouldn’t have sugars, artificial preservatives, or any other fake “stuff” found in products nowadays. With Kenneth as my influence I was able to create a product line with a focus on natural flavorful ingredients that he, and anyone, can eat and enjoy.

I’m committed to supporting local by getting my ingredients from

Utah-based farmers and other small businesses, keeping money within our own economy. In addition to creating and expanding my own award-winning product line, I’ve also developed recipes for many local companies. This is where I do some of my best work. Creating a successful story for others makes my heart happy. Let me know how I can help you.

Love from, Our Whole Jam Family


Your Imagination Is The Only Barrier 
When Using Our Jams.

Our Inspiration

Meet Kenneth Butcher, co-owner of Butcher's Bunches. Kenneth was born with abilities that are different than most people. Kenneth cannot have sugars, artificial preservatives, none of that fake "stuff" you find in products nowadays. This means; corn syrup, Aspartame, Neotame, Saccharin (and others), dyes, "pear juice concentrate." What is in that pear juice concentrate? You got it. Corn syrup, sugar and a few pears. So, we have always adapted our recipes for him. When the recession hit in 2007-2009 we used the beautiful produce we grow to make "real" jams that everyone could eat, taking them to our local farmers' market instead of produce. They were an instant hit and here we are ten years later thanking Kenneth for inspiring us to think outside the jar, and helping our family business spread good health, joy, information and love to all of you. Help us spread that love a little further . . .

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"I can't imagine life without these handcrafted preserves! The local goodness is each bottle makes it extremely hard to pick a favorite. Can't live without it!!"

Aubrey J. (Utah)

"I have purchased Butcher's Bunches products at handmade markets throughout the State of Utah. I pick up a few jars every time I spot them - they are that good!"

Tauni E. (Utah)

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