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Seasonal Jams!



We often jam special flavors during the year when our farmers harvest wonderful fruit that we can only get in certain quantities, or if we are doing a certain event (Chocolate Festival's, The Magnolia Market) we will make jams just for the people that attend those shows.  (Hot and/or chocolatey!!)  We will list those jams here for purchase until they run out!  

Currently we have Travelling Marionberries:  Sweet Oregon Marionberry jam.  A marionberry is a cross between and red and black raspberry and an ollaberry.  It is both sweet and a teensy bit tangy; in our opinion the best berry of them all.  All we do with this jam is add a bit of lime juice and set it for the tastiest spread you will ever taste.  (named by Kenneth once again.)

Berry Hot is a special jam that we made for the Magnolia Market in Waco Texas!  It is our Berrylicious jam with the addition of a bazillion peppers to create a fruity pepper jam that heats your face and makes you sweat.  Still no sugar added, but a bit of Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vineger gives this jam a teen kick.  Try this one with your cream cheese and crackers as well as on a lovely grilled chicken or pork dish!

Fire Jelly:  Also made for the Magnolia Market, Fire Jelly is a low sugar option (instead of No sugar.  It is made of a base of fresh squeezed Orange Juice, and added to grilled onions and a variety of grilled jalopenos.  We set it and you have fire jelly.  This is more like the pepper jellies you are used to, but still a bit different!  (12 oz jar)

We have also made our fave's Ramblin Raspberry and Berrylicious in 16 oz jars for those of you who love to spread it on thick.  It is delicious and a HUGE jar of fresh fruit for you to jam into your fridge and enjoy on and in everything you desire!!!

Thanks for supporting our family and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any quesitons!

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