Where Can I Buy It?

  • Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread, Logan, Utah

  • Cache Valley Antiques, 81 N. Main Street, Logan, UT

  • Smith's Market Place -(Watch for those with newly remodeled "Murrays Cheese Islands")

  • Paletti, SLC, Highland Drive, SLC

  • Standard Market - Chicago, IL (Six Stores)

  • Fresh Market - Park City, Utah

  • The Market at Park City - Park City, UT

  • Day's Market - Heber, Utah

  • Harmons Grocery Utah Should you find any products in Harmons please check the code date as WE DO NOT SELL TO THEM ANY MORE. THE ONLY VIABLE PRODUCT ARE AT HARMON'S ORCHARDS.

Extended List: (We Try To Keep Up, But Please Forgive Us If It Is Not Always Accurate!)

The Market, Park City

A Local Table (Online Retailer)

The St. Regis (Park City, UT)

The Marriott Hotel (SLC, UT)

The Grand America Hotel

Datz's Deli (Tampa, Florida)

BBF Merchantile, (San Francisco, California)

The Jackson Whole Grocer (Jackson Hole, WY)

Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Ut)

Pots & Pillows (Atlanta, Georgia)

The Lion House Pantry (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread (Logan, Utah)

Aspens Market

AJ's Fine Foods (Phoenix, Arizona)

The Shop at Wave Hill, NYC

Teddy's Jam & Jelly Shop (Keyport, New Jersey)

Cuban Liquor and Wine Shop ( Shreveport, LA)

White Post Farms (Mellville, NY)

The Farmacy, (Brooklyn, NYC)

Whole Foods (Southwest Region)





Whole Foods (Atlantic Region)

 Whole Foods -IW, SW.

Park City, Utah

Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Sugarhouse, Utah

. . .

The Paisley Pomegranate, Park City, Utah

Ivie's market, (MacKay, Idaho)

Kessler's Market, (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

The Store Too (Salt Lake)

Clarke's Country Market (Tropic, Utah)

Saveways Market, (Salmon Idaho)

Main Street Market, (Ketchum, Idaho)

Royal Market (Utah)

Payson Market, (Payson, Utah)

Midway Market, (Midway, Utah)

Prather's Market, (Fairplay, Colorado)

Kroger (Intermountain West, West Coast, Mid West)

Smiths & Smiths Marketplace

Kings Soopers

Food Service/Co-Branding:

Co-Branding - we are dedicated to creating high quality products to spec for your company. Here are some that we already work with:

Pig & A Jelly Jar, Salt Lake City & Ogden, Utah

G (Goats Milk Gelato), Salt Lake City, Utah

Baked, Provo, Utah

Sturms Berry Farms, Oregon

Ruby Snap, Salt Lake City, Utah

We also provide products to Bon Appetit Management Corporation (www.bamco.com). Please contact us if you are a part of that organization and interested in purchasing for your fine dining or catering events.

You may pay a little more for a jar of our jam than you would at a big box store. That’s because at Butchers Bunches you’re buying a jar of fruit – not a jar of sugar!

We strive to make most, if not all, our jams and preserves sugar-free and all of them are delicious!

We also strive to put our product only in stores that truly support local Artisans and match our goals for quality. The following stores are just a few of the places you can find Butcher's Bunches Products!

In Our Select Grocery Store Locations We Are Not On The "Jam" Aisle! Find Us With The Fine Cheeses And Chocolates Or "Charcuterie" Products!

Home Goods
Deer Valley
Gourmet Fresh
Taste of Salt Lake City
Whole Foods
Love at first bite

And Many More!!!  Distributors:

2017 Farmer's Markets:

If you have a store near you or are a merchant that needs to carry our jamilicious products please email us at contact@butchersbunches.com!