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  • We love our customers. It looks like they love us too :) Here is what they're saying...

  • I love Butcher's Bunches! Especially the Ramblin Raspberry. Can't. Get. Enough. So I end up writing my name on the lid. Gotta mark my territory. Get your own! We sell their preserves in our market and our customers love them too. People come to our market just for them. If you have a store, you Need this product! Trust me. As a bonus, we love their staff. Some of the most down-to-earth, cool people to deal with.

  • I can't imagine life without these handcrafted preserves! The local goodness is each bottle makes it extremely hard to pick a favorite. Can't live without it!!

  • I just opened another jar of Butcher's Bunches Raspberry Vanilla preserves and I am addicted to this stuff. I can't even remember how I found this place, but I'm so glad I did. There's no added sugar in it so it is not overly sweet, but it tastes just like fresh raspberries and then you get the hit of vanilla. I never really write reviews but this stuff is amazing!

  • I have purchased Butcher's Bunches products at handmade markets throughout the State of Utah. I pick up a few jars every time I spot them - they are that good!

  • Can I say how proud of you moving forward with your product? I did a demo with one of our Bries with your Fig Spread. Can I say Hit!!!

  • We appreciate the set of "taste testers" and are amazed with the quality of your product. The packaging is beautiful and compliments the flavors of the spreads. The overwhelming favorite was the Monkey Bizzness.

  • Love, love, love your jam. I especially love that they are tart and yummy and have such a low sugar content that I don't feel guilty giving them to my kids. Wonderful!

  • I recently visited Salt Lake City and was able to visit a few Farmer's Markets. I found MANY jam and jelly companies and NOT ONE of them compare to Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves. I work in the food industry and have never tasted anything better. These preserves are fresh fruit seasoned with just the right spices. You do not get a heady sugar overload when eating them, and their recipes are unique and fresh! I found one other company that had some unique recipes in the Salt Lake area, however their unique variety lasted as long a little google research. Butcher's Bunches has had made every recipe that they had on their little table in the past three years, and done it without sugar. So hat's off to you Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves! You are an innovator, an inspiration and a leader. Keep it up and I will never eat a jar of jam made by another producer in my life!

  • What more could you want than beautifully defined fruit flavor, less sugar than store bought and most homemade jams, lovely containers, novel combinations, and gorgeous presentation? And it's locally produced? Winner! Winner! I like the Huck Finn huckleberry jam, the Dirty Diana cherry jam, and the Back in Black blueberry/blackberry jam. The experience of eating these jams is this: the fruit flavors hit the palate first, then the secondary ingredients, like the liqueurs, chocolate, spices, or juices, then the sweetness. It's a complex flavor experience that you simply must try. Order from the website, or pick some up at many of the Utah Farmer's markets and stores!