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Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves of Logan, Utah is committed to preserving the roots of our community. We support farmers who grow sustainably, follow traditional family recipes, and embrace America's diverse cultural harmony. American pioneers grew and gathered food, preserved it over open flame, while exploring the foundation of our country; they were the first class to know the value of preserving the roots of our land. Butcher's Bunches preserves in that same fashion, respecting our roots and heritage. We use the same tin/aluminum pots, over flame, and each batch is stirred, poured and labelled by hand. Please enjoy the true taste of what our farmers work so hard to give us. It is not diluted by sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or other harmful ingredients.

Our Inspiration

Meet Kenneth Butcher, the owner of Butcher's Bunches. Kenneth was born with abilities that are different than most people. Kenneth cannot have sugars, artificial preservatives, none of that fake "stuff" you find in products nowadays. This means; corn syrup, Aspartame, Neotame, Saccharin (and others), dyes, "pear juice concentrate." What is in that pear juice concentrate? You got it. Corn syrup, sugar and a few pears. So, we have always adapted our recipes for him. When the recession hit in 2007-2009 we used the beautiful produce we grow to make "real" jams that everyone could eat, taking them to our local farmers' market instead of produce. They were an instant hit and here we are seven years later thanking Kenneth for inspiring us to think outside the jar, and helping our family business spread good health, joy, information and love to all of you. Help us spread that love a little further . . .

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